Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moreton Bay

Welcome to An Australian Folk Song A Day

To kick us off, I'm going with an old favourite:

Here is Moreton Bay:

For more info, check out the ever reliable wikipedia

and Warren Fahey's take on the song at this link

There have of course been many opinions expressed abour this song and its origins over the years. I hope that this site proves to be a venue for healthy and productive discussion of the different views that have developed over time.

Ultimately, the songs the thing.

See you tomorrow,

John Thompson


  1. Great idea, John...looking forward to some gems.

  2. Many thanks for introducing me to this fascinating song, John. I've known it for many years, but never really sat down and studied it before. It was interesting that Logan was killed by an Aboriginal. Do we know much of the background to this? Presumably he treated them as badly as he treated the convicts but, unlike them, they were free, and armed. His blind spot, perhaps?

  3. Thanks Stephen. Wikipedia has a reasonable summary of Logan's legacy:

    He was apparently unpopular with the convicts but also was an avid explorer of the Brisbane region. Brisbane's satellite city Logan City is named after him.

  4. That's interesting. Kev Carmody has written a lot about Logan City, hasn't he. Doesn't sound like an awful lot's changed since then!

  5. Good stuff, CJ! I'd better send those recordings I promised you over 2 years ago!!