Thursday, November 24, 2011

Old TI


Old TI, my beautiful home,
That's the place where I was born;
The sun and the moon that shine,
Make me long for home,
Old TI, my beautiful home.

TI, my beautiful home,
TI, my home sweet home.
Darling, won't you take me,
Where the sun is sinking, farewell.

Why are you looking so sad, my dear,
Why are you feeling so blue?
I'm thinking of someone so far away,
In that beautiful place called TI.

Take me across the sea,
Over the deep blue sea,
Darling, won't you take me,
Back to my home TI.

When at the break of dawn,
Your dear face I cannot see,
You will always think,
Always think of me.

Up above the clouds,
Your dear face I cannot see,
But in your memories dear,
Never, never say goodbye.

Another from the Joy Durst Memorial Australian Song Collection (1980 edition), published by the Victorian Folk Music Club.  Published with the following note:

Popularised by Joy Durst.  From Thursday Islanders at Cairns, Queensland.

TI is the popular name for Thursday Island, the administrative centre of the Torres Strait Islands which lie off the Northern tip of Queensland.   The islands have been part of Australia since their annexation by Queensland in 1879.  The indigenous population are Melanesian islanders.

The Torres Strait Island flag.

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