Monday, April 18, 2011

Bound for South Australia


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In South Australia I was born!
Heave away! Haul away!
South Australia round Cape Horn!
We're bound for South Australia!

Heave away, you rolling kings,
Heave away! Haul away!
Heave away you'll hear me sing
We're bound for South Australia!

As I walked out one morning fair,
It's there I met Miss Nancy Blair.

I shook her up, I shook her down,
I shook her round and round the town.

There ain't but one thing grieves my mind,
It's to leave Miss Nancy Blair behind.

And as you wallop round Cape Horn,
You'll wish to Christ you'd never been born!

Up the coast to Vallipo,
Northward on to Callao.

It's back again to Liverpool,
I spent me pay like a bloody fool!

I'm Liverpool born and Liverpool bred,
Long in the arm and thick in the head.

Oh, rock and roll me over boys,
Let's get this damn job over boys.

Of the many available versions of this very popular song, I have chosen that posted on Mudcat. (I figured there was no way I'd pick a version that satisfied everybody and so I took the easy way out). Harmonies on this version were performed by a fortuitous coming together of houseguests: George and Vanessa Papavgeris, Vicki Swan, Jonny Dyer, Nicole Murray and Keith Urquhart's voices can all be heard.

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