Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Meat Pie Song

Words: John Dengate (?)
Tune: Traditional (All Among the Wool)

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When i was just a little lad
I was silly as can be
My old man calls me up to him, this he says to me.
If you want the light of wisdom to glisten in your eyes
You'll have to cheer for toohey's beer and eat meat pies

All among the gravy
All among the crust
Show a little faith, boys
Show a little trust
I can eat a respectable tally myself, whenever I likes to try
I'm known from here to Blacktown as the Big Ben pie.

Well I've eat 'em up the middle when the centre starts to sag
I've washed 'em down with Resch's and with cans of Toohey's Flag
Oh cast your eyes upon my strides, you still can see the stains
Pass me the tomato sauce, here we go again.

Well I've 'em freezing cold and I've had 'em boiling hot
I've had 'em at the cricket ground, sitting on my blot
I've waved my pie in triumph when the tigers led to nil
And I've thrown them at the coppers on the scoreboard hill

A beauty from the singing of Declan Affley on the 1981 double album, While the Billy Boils - A Panorama of Australian Folklore.

The illustration to this post is meant to show the singular significance of the pie in Australian culture. It's very pie-ness defines us and alone is able to satisfy our hunger for cultural and culinary fulfilment. We like pies.

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