Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out in the Gulf

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Out in the Gulf
Where the Norman River flows
Down to Karumba
As mighty as she goes
In any of the pubs
There is often to be seen.
A drunken drover's cook
By the name of Jim Beam

He picks up his glass
And he drinks down his beer
And then he starts a-yelling
In a voice that hurts your ear
In a this bloody county
Wherever you may go
I'm the best, the best, the best, the best
At anything you know.

Best at cooking corn beef
Best at cooking stew
Fact there isn's anything
That I cannot do.
I can cook a damper.
Standing on my head.
Im the best, the best, the best, the best
Oh enough said.

Best at playing football
Best at playing tennis
And when it comes to cricket
Well, I'm a bloody menace.
Best at all the dances
Oh mighty are my deeds
And you don't believe me
Well - come out where the bull feeds.

Collected by Ron Edwards from Percy Tresize in Cairns (1960) who in turn learnt it from Bob Dunbar of Normanton. From Ron's The Overlander Songbook (1956).

Normanton is a small town in the Gulf country of Queensland.

The illustration to this post is a photograph of the famous Purple Pub in Normanton.

The illustration is

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