Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dog's Party


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The dogs all had a party
They came from near and far
And some dogs came by aeroplane
And some by motor car
And when they arrived
Each one had a look
And each had to take his arsehole off
And hang it on a hook

And hardly were they seated there
Each mother, son and sire,
When a dirty little yellow dog
Began to holler ´Fire!´
Out they rushed in panic
They didn't stop to look
Each dog he grabbed an arsehole
From off the nearest hook

And that's the reason why you see
On walking down the street
Each dog will stop and swap a smell
With every dog he meets
And that's the reason why a dog
Will leave a good fat bone
To go and smell an arsehole
In the hope it is its own

John Meredith's collected version, via Ron Edwards (the first verse and fragments of the rest being collected from Allan Miller of Mossman in 1972). A joke old enough to have developed many versions.

Ron notes that many of both his and John Meredith's informants claim Henry Lawson as the author, however there is no evidence that this is the case.


  1. Australian my arse its a scots song by Matt McGinn

  2. As my friend says, original from Matt McGinn Scotland with additional lines here not in the original