Friday, October 28, 2011

The Old Macquarie

Words: Unknown
Tune: Traditional (One More River To Cross)

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Noah he built himself an ark
There's one more river to cross
He built it out of gumtree bark
There's one more river to cross

There's one more river and that's the old Macquarie
There's one more river,
There's one more river to cross

The animals went in one by one
They all wanted to have some fun

The animals went in two by two
The wombat and the kangaroo

The animals went in three by three
The little bug and the frisky flea

The animals went in four by four
The buffaloes they got stuck in the door

The animals went in five by five
Some had children and some had wives

The animals went in six by six
Some carried swags and some carried sticks

The animals went in seven by seven
Some talked of hell and some of heaven

The animals went in eight by eight
Some were early and some were late

The animals went in nine by nine
Some in a circle and some in a line

The animals went in ten by ten
They had so much fun they said 'let's do it again'

Perhaps you think there's another verse
But there isn't!

Collected by Warren Fahey in 1973 from Mrs Susan Colley at the Bathurst Home for the Aged. This version recorded in the Country Lodge Motel, Bathurst, October 27, 2011.

Here's a link to a version of the original

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