Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Whip And The Spur


"One hundred pounds" the master said,
"To you, me boy I'll pay,
If you will win this race for me
In which you ride today."

I looked him steady in the face,
And touching the cap I wore,
Said I, "I'll do my very best,
And a jockey can do no more"

And with the whip and the spurs,
And a pony to a pin,
If ever a jockey rode in a race,
This day I ride to win.

She whinnied when I patted her,
For well my beauty knew,
As well, or better than myself
The work she had to do.

The first time round the course was run,
In need of a steady strong arm
The mare began to fret and pull
And her blood began to warm.

And in the middle of the ruck
I passed them all but two
And coming the straight me boys
The mare, she fairly flew

Then the whip and the spurs
I applied with all my strength
And as she answered, yes, my boys,
I won it by half a length.

Another from Singabout - Selected Reprints, ed. Bob Bolton, Bush Music Club, Sydney, 1985, published with this note:

Sung to John Meredith by Mrs Violet Skuthorpe Senior of Bankstown, Sydney and learned from her father, Teddy King.

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