Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yuppie Town

Alistair Hulett

People living 'round here they don’t have that much.
They make do with things others wouldn’t even touch.
People living 'round here they work in the factory.
They don’t have to choose they’re ruled by necessity.

And they better watch out
New breed taking over
Driving us out
Givin’ us the old once over
They want to tear the place down
And turn it into Yuppietown.

People who live round here remember how it used to be.
Talking to your neighbour on the street or stop in for a cup of tea.
People who live round here they like to have a beer and all,
But since the old pub changed hands you can’t get in in overalls.

People who live round here they’re gonna have to move out west.
Funny how the powers that be always think they know what’s best.
People who live round here they’ve got the place in such a state.
People who live round here pull down the price of real estate.

Another from the much-missed Alistair Hulett, from his days with Roaring Jack.

Popular in the Townsville sessions in the 1990s and later at the Storey Bridge Hotel sessions which were tragically renovated out of existence.

This link to Alistair's obituary in the Guardian.

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