Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cane Killed Abel

Words: Merv Lilley
Tune: Chris Kempster

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I was a cane cutter, but now I'm at sea,
Stool it, and top it, and load it my boys
Once cane killed Abel, but it won't kill me,
Stool it, and top it, and load it my boys

There was an old seaman who sang this refrain,
He stood to the bar and he filled up again.

I rose every morning about half past three,
To cook me my breakfast, my dinner and tea.

I worked very hard until I went to sea,
Once cane killed Abel, and it almost killed me.

Mark Gregory's Union Songs site has the refrains as "load it up high" and "Load it up wet and load it up dry". This version from Singabout, Volume 1, Number 1, Summer, 1956.

You can watch a short film, Cane-cutting and Mateship on the National Film and Sound Archive website.

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