Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bushtracks of Australia

Words: Jean F Gillespie
Tune: John Thompson

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The bush tracks of Australia
Run, dusty, through the day,
And whisper to the gum trees
That guard their sun-kissed way.
They chatter with the breezes,
And dance among the flowers;
And send their love songs ringing
Through perfume-laden hours.

The bush tracks of Australia
Run westward from the sea;
For they love the unbound bushland,
That stretches wide and free.
They clamber to the hilltops,
And wave at skies of blue;
And where the kookaburras laugh,
You'll hear them laughing, too.

Oh, the bush tracks of Australia
Go rambling through my heart;
They wave across the ocean,
And smile when moonbeams dart.
They beckon in my dreaming,
And no matter where I roam;
Their voices ever follow me.
And call, "Come home, come home."

A small gem found on the vast Rhymes Rudely Strung blog of Perry Middlemiss which notes the publication of this poem in The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 1933 and that "nothing is known about the author of this poem".

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