Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love's Request

Words: Unknown
Tune: Nicolo (We Have Lived and Loved Together)

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Thy form it is airy and slight, love,
Its graces are free from restraint
Thy hair sheds a halo of light, love,
Round features like those of a saint.
Oh, to bathe in the light of thine eyes,
What destiny sweeter could be?
But visions of doubt will arise, love.
Could you make me some damper for tea?

Thy mouth is s fountain of song, love
Whence melody flows like a stream,
To list to thee all the day long, love
Would be pleasure too sweet for a dream.
But my couraage to ask for thee fails, love
To accept my hand, oh, would you stoop?
And again, if I brought you the tails, love.
Would you make me some kangaroo soup?

And so then I bid thee farewell, love
And my claims to another, I yield.
But you will not grieve, I can tell, love
There are others than me in the field.
You can sing, you can play, you can dance, love
But your feelings I don't mean to hurt
Your charms you would greatly enhance, love
Could you make me a Crimean shirt?

From The Native Companion Songster (1889).

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