Sunday, March 27, 2011

The London Apprentice Boy


Twas on the eighth of last July,
My love to me did say
"Cheer up your heart, tonight we part
If you want your master slain"
She placed a knife within my hand
My master to destroy
Says I, "My lass it will not do
For the London apprentice boy"

Twas on the hour of twelve one night
To my master's house I went
To rob him and to murder him
It was my full intent
I robbed him of ten thousand pound
But the knife I threw away
A master so good and kind was he
To the London apprentice boy

The morning when my trial was o'er
My letters proved my word
The girl I love so dearly
She went and swore untrue
She was dressed in silks and satins
And my life she swore away
For she went and swore the life away
of the London apprentice boy

My sister came to hear my trial,
The only friend I had
My father and my mother
Lay mouldering in the sand
Sentenced to death was passed on my
I heard the whole court say
I heard them say what a sad, sad day
For the London apprentice boy

Now all you young and foolish lads
A warning take by me
It's do your best or you'll never rest
And shun bad company
Once like you I did ramble
On me they did decoy
And now I'm in Van Dieman's Land
Is the London apprentice boy.

From Rod Edwards, Great Australian Folk Songs

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