Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whisper Low

Words: Will H Ogilvie
Tune: Unknown

We have rowed together at even-fall
Down the creek in the sunset glow,
Under the vines and the box-trees tall
That fringe the shores.
Dip soft the oars
Dip soft the oars and whisper low.

We have ridden away in the golden noon
Over the range where the sandals grow,
To wander home by a summer moon
On silver plains.
Draw tight the reins!
Draw tight the reins and whisper low.

We have sat in the garden at close of day
Watching the light from the blossoms go.
And the darkling branches melt away
To Shadow Land.
Love, hold my hand
Love, hold my hand and whisper low.

And now we two, though the years have passed,
Live in the Love of long ago,
Love that endured, and Love that will last
As long as life.
Kiss me, my wife
Kiss me, my wife, and whisper low.

A setting of Ogilvie's poem from his 1906 collection, Fair Girls and Gray Horses. The tune comes from Songs of the Great Australian Balladists, an album by the Overlanders, preserved on the wonderful Australian Folk and Bush Music and Musicians website.

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