Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Gumtree Canoe

Words:  Silas Steele
Music:  AF Winnemere

By yon bonny river in a hut I was born
Made out of thorns and the wild yellow corn
It's there I met Julia so fair and so true
And we went for a row in my gumtree canoe

We will row, yes we'll row
Over waters so blue
Like a feather I'm a floating
In my gumtree canoe

With one hand on my banjo and my toe on the oar
I'll sing to my Julia - I'll sing as I row
And the stars they shone down on my Julia so true
On the night we rowed out in my gumtree canoe

Was for three solid days we sailed out on the bay
We could not get back -  we were forced there to stay
Then we spied a large ship flying the flag of true blue
And she took us in tow in my gumtree canoe.

An American song from 1847 which has picked up some Australian variations.

This tune collected by Warren Fahey and used on the 1977 album, Lime Juice and Vinegar.

The following is from Mudcat and the cover text:

Published in Boston (as much of the first-period minstrel music was) in 1847!  Only 4 years after Dan Emmett and the boys got the whole thing rolling!

The words by S.S. STEELE, Esq. as sung by A.F. WINNEMORE and his band of VIRGINIA SERENADERS.
Arranged for the Piano Forte by A. F. WINNEMORE.

1. The Gum Tree Canoe
2. Kate of Carolina (Note: other songs were sold with same cover)
3. Dinah Doe
4. Away to the Sugar Cane Field
5. Farewell to Georgia
6. De Eel Catcher's Glee

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