Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hey Rain/The Innisfail Song

Bill Scott

Hey rain, rain comin' down
On the cane, on the roofs of the town.

There's rain on me hands and rain on me face,
Oh muddy old Innisfail's a muddy wet place,
Hey rain, hey rain.
And there's rain in me beer and rain in me grub,
And they've just fitted anchors to the Garradunga pub,
Hey rain, hey rain.

There's a Johnstone River crocodile livin' in me fridge
And a bloody great tree on the Jubilee Bridge
Hey rain, hey rain.
And the monsoon sky has sprung a leak
From Flyin' Fish Point to the Millstream Creek,
Hey rain, hey rain.

And the storm clouds are so black and big
Theres an old flyin' fox in the Moreton Bay fig,
Hey rain, hey rain
It's the worst wet season we've ever had,
And I'd swim down to Tully, but it's just as bloody bad
Hey rain, hey rain.

Perhaps Bill Scott's best-known song.

Some very useful discussions (and snippets of additional lyrics) on Mudcat.

Recorded on my verandah in Brisbane in the first steady rain of December.

The illustration to this post is a photo taken in Innisfail's main street in 1925 during that year's floods.  Innisfail (as well as being my father's hometown) competes with Tully and Babinda each year for the golden gumboot for the highest rainfall.


  1. A nice song for a rainy day here in the Blue Ridge of Virginia. Thanks.

  2. ...and a great song for a promising Wet Season here on my verandah in Humpty Doo.

  3. Great song. I live in Innisfail and the lyrics tell exactly what it is rainy and mucky nearly everyday

  4. My mum Coleen Lister talks about her years growing up in Innisfail during the 30's and 40's, the lyrics reflect her memories of her childhood. Can't wait for her to her this song.