Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Brave Steeds

Words:  Unknown
Tune:  Traditional (Ring the bell, Watchman)

I'll sing of the horses so gallant and bold -
That we rode far and fast in those brave days of old.
Days of our hot youth, long vanished away,
When riding meant danger, and danger meant play.

Then a cheer for the brave steeds that carried us o'er
The mountains and plains in those brave days of yore,
Days of our hot youth, long vanished away,
When riding meant danger, and danger meant play,

Remember the fierce chase, when madden'd with fright,
The wild horses broke into furious flight,
How down the steep mountain, and racing them hard,
We swept with them proudly right into the yard.

Remember, while smashing and crushing their track,
Through the vine-tangled brigalow the cleanskins made back,
How we beaded and rushed them right out on the plain,
'Mid the sweet-smelling wattle flowers falling like rain. . '

Remember the stout hearts that breasted the wave
When the yellow flood waters had else proved our grave
Remember old Jack on that waterless ride,-. .
How he toiled to the fountain, there lay down and died.

Around, the camp fire it's a glory to dwell ,
On the deeds of the chargers that carried us well,'
On some wonderful leap, or a glorious-run,
The journeys we'd made and the races we'd won.

The days of our hot youth have long passed away,
The brave steeds we once rode have turned-into clay;
Our eyes will grow dim and a tear trickle o'er
When we think of our gallant companions of yore.

Another from the Queenslander, this time from 16 March, 1895.

Published with the note:

Supplied by "Jumping Jenny," Belyando.

Belyando is on the road between Charters Towers and Emerald in Central Queensland.

The illustration to this post is a watercolour by Percy Lindsay from the book, Along The Western Road:  Bush Stories and Ballads.

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