Saturday, December 24, 2011

Salt Junk

Words:  Saul Mendelsohn
Music:  Alfred Lee

I am a roving jackeroo and often take pot luck
From Maranoa to Paroo, of wonga, turkey, duck.
The squatters pretty daughters vie to serve me with the best,
I pass their daintiest willing by an choose salt junk for zest.

Salt junk is my delight, it is my favourite,
The wealth of dear Australia, boys -  the common wealth of Australia, boys -
What ever may betide, by this I will abide -
Of all the meats which grace the hall, salt junk's the king of all.

I am no glutton, no, not I, but this I will avow,
I like a savoury mutton pie, it's jam you must allow,
I also like a kidney stew, roast fowl is my delight,
Of oysters I can gorge a few, still junk's my favourite.

Invited by the Governor, Sir Thomas and Sir Sam,
Or Tozer, Cowley, Theodore, to cod and wiltshire ham;
To fete the guests they have a knack, and that is their vocation,
To English, French and German tack, but junk is collation.

When my remittance comes once more I am the favourite,
Again the invitations pour to parties every night,
The civil service girls I treat, the choicest in the lnad,
For jollity they can't be beat, and I am in demand.

Another from Saul Mendelsohn (Brisbane Ladies), this song is set to the tune of Champagne Charlie, a popular 19th century song by Alfred Lee and George Leybourne.

From the Hurd Collection.

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