Sunday, September 18, 2011



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Come all you young fellows
Whereso'er you may be
Come listen a while to my story

When I was a young man
Me age seventeen
I ought to been serving Victoria, our Queen
But those hard-hearted judges
Oh, how cruel they be
To send us poor lads to Australia

I fell in with a damsel
She was handsome and gay
I neglected me work
More and more, every day
And to keep her like a lady
I went on the highway
And for that I was sent to Australia

Now the judges, they stand
With their whips in their hands
They drive us like horses
To plough up the land
You should see us poor young fellows
Working in that jail yard
How hard is our fate in Australia

Australia, Australia
I would ne'er see no more
Worn out with fever
Cast down to Death's door
But should I live to see
Say, seven years more
I would then say adieu to Australia

A variant of Virgina. These lyrics from Mudcat, where you will find several verions.

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  1. Apparently, earlier versions of the song were titled "Virgina" and applied to sending convicts to penal colonies in Virginia. Interesting song.

    -Joe Offer, The Mudcat Cafe-