Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Blooming Queensland Side.


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Oh, come with me, my pretty girl, now come away with me,
I'll take you o'er the borders and we'll leave this colony,
Come away, my heart's desire, my darling and my pride,
And I'll treat you like a lady, love, on the blooming Queensland side.

Victoria's going to the bad, this bullocky cannot live;
The price of cartage comes so low, the squatters nothing to give.
There's a railway in every corner, you can meet them at every stride,
So we'll away in the morning to the blooming Queensland side.

So have your things in readiness at the breaking of the day,
I'll take you to the parson, love, and the words o'er us he'll say.
When he has tied us two together with a knot that can't be untied,
Then we'll away in the morning to the blooming Queensland side.

I would like to know if you've been true, I would like to know that same,
You bullockies are such knowing chaps, you are up to every game.
Perhaps, with some young dashing bell a-walking by your side
You've been doing a little killing on the bloom Queensland side.

If old Whitefoot in the pole could speak, I bet he'd answer "No",
I always have been true to you wherever I did go.
And if I now prove false to you may the grave my body hide,
And I'll never set foot again on the blooming Queensland side.

I know my bullocky is true — was always always true to me,
I only wanted to try you and hear what you would say.
Then I will be a constant wife until death us divide,
Then you can marry the prettiest girl on the blooming Queensland side.

I'll teach you my darling, a damper how to bake,
Fry chops in the morning, and cook a brownie cake,
And on top of my wagon so gaily you will ride,
They will think you're Queen Victoria a-going for a drive.

It's over the pole each night we'll cast the canvas down,
And underneath its spreading folds we'll sleep both safe and sound,
The cold will never trouble you, for the weather is always mild,
And the summer breezes gently blow on the blooming Queensland side.

When over in Queensland you are arrived at home,
It's up and down the Condamine of an evening you can roam,
Enjoy yourself to your heart's content and cast dull care aside,
For you'll be the happiest bullocky's wife on the blooming Queensland side.

Another Australian variation on The Banks of the Nile.

The illustration to this post is a photograph from Lismore entitled Old Bullocky, 1890.


  1. I liked this song very much. It is a touching tribute to real people and it gives a good sense of what that life must have been like in those days, to someone like me who is far away and never been there. I really enjoy your unaccompanied singing on this. jm

  2. Fantastic song and beautifully sung. Thanks. (from Jill Stubington, a Queenslander born and bred)

  3. Many thanks. I was delighted to find it.

    Ron Edwards has it from the Hurd Collection.