Friday, September 9, 2011

Trying To Get A Quid

Words: Unknown
Tune: Unknown (Betting the Roll on Roma)

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The old man sat on the tractor seat
There was dust in his hair and grease on his feet
And he said, "This job has got me beat"
Trying to get a quid"

The pressure's low and the engine's hot
The tracks are crook and the gears are shot,
But this old bitch is all I got
Trying to get a quid

He charged down the slope with a mighty roar
He turned on the taps as he hit the floor
And he made the other side, full bore
Trying to get a quid

The scoop got snagged on a big white rock
And he raved and cursed as he did his block,
With the governor over the safety stop,
Trying to get a quid

But he was insured for twenty grand,
Which the company paid on his wife's demand,
And she said as she took the cash in hand,
"At last he's earned a quid"

The moral here is plainly seen
Don't mess about with an old machine
Or cover yourself with diesoline
Trying to get a quid

Collected in 1972 by Ron Edwards from Harry Dawkins, an informant from Cairns, who in turn learnt it from a friend.

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