Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bringing The Beer To Broome

Peter Lenne

I'll sing you a tale of a long lost ship
Ch: Bringing the beer to Broome
About it's last and fateful trip
Ch: Bringing the beer to Broome
Well it was sailed by Andy Jones
But never again you'll hear his moans
On the ocean floor he rests his bones
Ch: Bringing the beer to Broome

Ch: Bringing the beer to Broome boys
Bringing the beer to Broome
Andy's ships coming round the point
Bringing the beer to Broome

Now Andy was a sailor
Started on a whaler
Now he's got his very own boat
Does everything to keep it afloat
And the only hand is a drunken goat

Soon he'll try to cross that reef
T'was there he finally came to grief
But his cargos what we all admire
Temperature is getting higher
Throats becoming even drier

Well, the wind arose and blew aloud
The sky was covered thick with cloud
And Andy's boat began to sink
T'was right above the reef I think
And the beer was left for the fish to drink

Now Broome was dry for quite a while
It underwent a heavy trial
But all's well now in Broome you see
The town's now got its own brewery
T'was built in 1923

Now all this happened long ago
Andy's still remembered though
And now in Broome once every year
The sea is thrown a bottle of beer
In case old Andy's ghost is near

From Peter Lenne at Mudcat:

I wrote the song in 1966 and apart from family and friends the song was first performed at the Melbourne University Song Contest in 1968 and these are the original words.

The illustration to this post is not necessarily of a man in Broome drinking beer. It is the first result of a Google search for "Australian Beer Drinker" and seemed worthy of a link.

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