Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Robbed Of All His Pay

Words: Alan Scott
Tune: Traditional

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I've worked around this country at many a different trade,
But I cannot show a penny of the money I have made;
So if you'll pay attention, a song I'll sing to you,
About a young apprentice in nineteen-fify-two.

I started in a factory, 'twas early in the year,
But by the end of April some things were very clear --
The orders were all cancelled, the work was getting slack,
And so to cut expenses they gave five of us the sack.

As I was but a single man, it didn't worry me,
The married men were hardest hit, but the worst was yet to be,
An apprentice in his final year was robbed of all his pay,
Some dingo stole it from him in the dressing room that day.

The police came round next morning, and made an awful fuss,
And we were under notice so they thought 'twas one of us,
They didn't find who stole it but five men shared the blame,
I was glad that we were leaving, for I was filled with shame.

So listen all you people, don't steal a workmate's pay,
But if you want more money, there is another way,
If you back up your union, you'll get your just demands,
And thieving from the working man will vanish from the land.

From the Bush Music Club's Singabout, Volume 2, Number 4, May 1958.

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